Aerating System

Turnkey solution for food and beverage industry

aerating system

The heart of the continuous aeration system process is the “Mixing Head”. Our (axial) mixing head is the world standard and consists of a rotor and stator both fitted with intermeshing pins, which provide, unlike any other systems available, constant shear to the product. This results in a better temperature control and controllable bubble size distribution.

A liquid phase and a gas phase merge at the inlet of the mixing head and are homogenized with accurate flow control under controlled pressure.

Infinite control of the variables – mixing process, system pressure, flow rate, ratio between the liquid and gas phases, temperature etc. – provides a uniform texture, continuous quality of product and versatility.

 Spark erosion is a high precision cutting technique to form a pre-programmed shape and is also known as EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). The main reason for using EDM manufactured heads is to avoid welds or solder joints at the mixing pins. This ensures a mixing head with a completely even surface, resulting in a perfect cleaning result.


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