CAO 3000

Turnkey solution for food and beverage industry




The attrition ball mill type CAO 3000 In-Line is especially designed for the continuous intermediate and fine grinding of cocoa liquor, chocolate and compound coatings.

This ball mill, a low speed agitated type and direct drive, developed for heat and wear sensitive masses has a unique configuration between grinding shaft, grinding tank and grinding media, resulting in an optimum use of the grinding efficiency. This line is a combination of two (2) CAO 3000 ball mills with a buffer tank, where the first ball mill is pre-refining the mass and the second mill the fine refining.

These features result in:

  • No foundations, limited floor space
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Constant product quality
  • Minimal manpower required
  • End-fineness can be up to 18 microns for chocolate and compound coatings
  • End-fineness can be up to 99,9% through 75 microns sieve for cocoa liquor

The capacity for the grinding of cocoa liquor is up to 3.500 kg/hr

The capacity for the fine grinding of chocolate and compound coatings is up to 1.500 kg/hr when crystal sugar is used as an ingredient.

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