Wafer Production

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Wafer Production:

Capacity, flexibility, reliability, efficiency and hygiene are the very decisive factors for the industrial production of wafers. Decades of experience, tailored solutions, continuous innovation and development, the application of state-of-the-art production methods and a worldwide existence make it possible for us to find the best plant configuration for each customers.

We offer consulting and support for all matters concerning batter and cream mixing, baking and all production steps to the transfer to packaging machines or chocolate enrobers. For details and the updated information, please don’t be hesitate to contact us. Some categories of Wafer production such as Flat Wafer, Hollow Wafer, Wafer Stick and Wafer Roll.

flat wafer

Flat Wafers
All kinds of cream-filled flat wafers are produced on semi- or fully automatic production lines. After mixing, the batter is poured onto baking plates and baked to wafer sheets. Depending on the desired capacity, the electrically or gas-heated baking ovens are equipped with 12 to 176 baking plate pairs. The hot wafer sheets are cooled down to room temperature and transferred to the spreading machine, which applies cream onto them and sandwiches them to wafer books. In case of chocolate-coated products, the wafer sheets are enriched with moisture (“conditioned”) to prevent later cracking of the chocolate coat. The finished cream-filled wafer books are cooled and processed to wafer fingers in the cutting machine. Finally, the wafer fingers are transferred to a packaging machine or a chocolate enrober.
hollow wafer
Hollow Wafers
Hollow wafers can be produced as bars or pralines whereas the praline is particularly requested on the market as a kind of noble product. It is made from two more or less round half shells. Apart from creating the required shape, the wafer shells also provide the necessary bite for the cream filling, which is generally fat-based.
Wafer Stick
Due to the compact machines and the wide range of product varieties, hollow wafer sticks are an interesting option for newcomers to the market. We can also offer plants for the production of wafer rolls in various forms – compactly wound, wound with a loop in the core or with hollow space suitable for fillings.
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