Chocolate Production

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Cocoa liquor processing

The equipment for cocoa processing starts with a pre-grinder, a Beater Blade Mill type PG 6000/3000 for the continuous pre-grinding of cocoa nibs. Equipped with special composed alloy-blades, the mill generates a high output – capacities up to 5,000 kg per hour – with minimal requirement for maintenance.

For medium and large scale processing of cocoa masses Caotech supplies the CAO 2000, CAO 3000 in-line (see photo) and CAO 4000. This equipment is capable of achieving capacities up to 5,000 kg/hour with a fineness of 0,2 % WSR on a 75 micron screen.

All grinders are low speed type ball mills with water-cooled shaft, which is important in respect of wear and temperature of the mass.

Chocolate & compound processing

For the processing of chocolate and compound Caotech offers batch machines in several sizes and also continuous processing lines. The latter with capacities up to 2000 kg/hour.

The company has developed special low temperature executions for its most popular batch machines, the CHOCOCONCAO B2000 and the CAO B3000-CHOC DUO, because there is a great demand for processing diet chocolate and compound.

In this case the CHOCOCON has a capacity of about 140 kg/hour, depending on the recipe and the end-fineness. The CAO B2000 in low temperature execution can reach a capacity up to 450 kg/hour.

The temperature of the mass can be kept below 43°C, which is a must for many diet masses. In many cases processing diet masses with low speed ball mills has an advantage over the traditional way of using five roller refiners, especially when ingredients are used which are more or less elastic.

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