Rotary Fryers

Turnkey solution for food and beverage industry


Fry a Variety of Bouyant Food Products
with Varying Cook Times.

AEI’s self-contained pellet systems are completely pre-wired and piped, arranged in a module ensuring ease of site installation and rapid commissioning and startup operation. Manufactured in all stainless steel, our Rotary Fryers are designed to meet the highest standards … yours!

In addition, all American Extrusion Rotary Fryers incorporate an array of advanced design features, including:

  • Extremely low oil volume in Fryer means quick oil turn over for fresher products which will taste better and last longer on the shelf.
  • Multi-purpose design allows for frying a wide range of buoyant food products with varying cook times.
  • Robust pan design having multiple adjustable inlet manifold pipework and common oil take out pipe.
  • Rotary product control drum with specially designed flight compartments for precise timing control through oil bath and flawless product ejection.
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